The Founder

Freshly cut grass, a stationery shop full of notebooks and pencils in September, the oven that opens with the cake ready, a door that opens onto the childhood room. All these memories are also intense because they are associated with smells. The sense of smell takes us back in time and, at the same time, makes us travel with the imagination, evoking places and moments that we have not yet experienced.

Marta has always been fascinated by smells, by the paradox of a sense that is animal and poetic at the same time. She has always noticed them, but it was only in 2017, when she was expecting her second baby, that she started working to create them. At the time, she lived in New York and immediately she headed for agreements that reminded her of the simple life in Italy: a walk in the pine forest, a trip to the museum, laundry hanging on a flowered balcony.

Her research led her to discover how the perfume industry can be harmful to health and unsustainable. Thus, Marta started working from the very beginning with non-toxic ingredients, which were also produced in a sustainable way, vegan and not tested on animals.

Now she lives in Milan and has fallen in love with the Isola neighborhood, where she lives, full of artisans like her and her husband, and where she opened her workshop / shop. She calls herself all "home and shop" and she declares that she has finally discovered the work of her heart.

The same passion with which she started has now become Made in Italy.

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