The Founder

Marta lived 17 years in New York City. In 2017, she started pouring candles as gifts for friends, fulfilling her passion for artisanal and handmade objects.

Through careful research she discovered that many perfumes contain substances harmful to people and the environment. Since she was then pregnant with her second child, Marta was going to work only with non-toxic ingredients that, because of her love for the environment, had to be also cruelty-free and sustainably produced.

And so, in her kitchen in Manhattan, she started mixing fragrances that reminded her of moments in her life in Italy: a walk in a Mediterranean pine forest, a trip to the museum, laundry hanging on a balcony full of flowers.

Now she lives in Milan and has fallen in love with the Isola district, full of artisans like her and her husband, and where she opened her atelier/shop. She loves to share her life between "home and shop": she has finally found her dream job.

The same passion with which she started has now become Made in Italy.

"I love scents because they express emotions and evoke memories and I have always loved lighting candles. I founded Festina Lente Home because I wanted home scents that I would buy for myself: something made with care with precious, cruelty-free ingredients."