What They Don't Have:

Our perfumes are not tested on animals and they are vegan (they are made without using ingredients of animal origin). They are a combination of natural and non-toxic, synthetic ingredients. We don't use only natural ingredients, because we know that natural ingredients are not necessarily "good" and ingredients made in a lab are not inherently "bad". What is important for us is that our natural ingredients are sourced in a sustainable way and our synthetic ingredients are not toxic. And this brings us to the following:


Synthetic materials are commonly used in perfume industry. Among them are the phthalates. It is not clear how bad they are for people, since they have been tested only on animals, but for sure we know that they are bio-cumulative, which means that the more we breathe them, they more harmful they are. The problem is that we are surrounded by them, since they are used to produced the vast majority of scented, every day objects. We decided not to feature them in our products. We want that the moment you light one of our candles or enter a room with one of our reed diffusers, it is truly a moment of self care. In every sense of the word.

Natural Candles:

What does "natural candles" mean? It is a product made exclusively of natural ingredients. Our candles are made with 100% natural soy wax with wicks made of cotton and paper. Also our diffusers have a natural base: glycerine, which is not toxic and non flammable. But our scented candles are not natural, because we don't use only essential oils to add fragrance. The reason we don't do it is simply that they don't release scent well when burning or through a reed diffuser. You can smell them a little when the candle is off, but once it burns you can smell them anymore. That is why we use a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients, making sure that the latter are not harmful: chemical but not toxic.



Speaking of natural ingredients: Our candles contain 100% natural soy wax, which is vegan and doesn't contain GMO. It is imported from Kentucky, USA because its quality is superior to all the other soy waxes we have tried.

Soy wax is vegetable-based, vegan, and completely biodegradable. Contrary to paraffin, which is a bi-product of crude oil, it doesn't release toxins in the air when durning. 

Furthermore, soy wax lasts longer than a paraffin candle. Our 220 gr. candles burn for about 50 hours.



Glass, metal, porcelain, cardboard, paper. We don't use plastic in any of our containers. We favor biodegradable and recyclable materials.

When we ship our products, the boxes are made of 70% recycled cardboard with 80% recycled filler paper. For national and international shipping, we use a company that commits to lower the carbon emission of its vessels.



All our products can be reused or recycled after their first use. We also encourage our local clients to bring back to us a Festina Lente Home candle container that we can clean and pour a new candle into.
How do we clean our containers? We only need vinegar and backing soda with a little natural soap dish and hot water. Our commitment not to use toxic and harsh chemicals in our products extends behind the scenes in our lab.


Do you have questions? Send us an email at or come visit our boutique.