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Scents are everyday luxury experiences, here they are sustainable.

Marta Mondelli (founder)

She graduated in Ancient History at the University of Bologna, while also graduating in acting. She has lived in New York for almost 20 years, working as an actress and writer.
She moved to Milan in the artisan-driven neighborhood of Isola in 2019. Here she established Festina Lente home, fulfilling one of her dreams: merge her passion for olfactory experiences and the century-old tradition of Made in Italy.

Beatrice Dorizza (Fragrance Development Manager)

She was born in Paris. She graduated in International Business in London and she lived in Paris and New York. The world of fragrances has always been her passion.
Since 2019 she has worked at Atelier Fragranze Milano next to the best "noses", developing fragrances for clients in luxe perfumery, skincare, haircare, and home scents.

ORITH COLODNY (graphic designer)

She was born in Tel-Aviv. She lives and work as a graphic designer in Milan. With her speed, she won various medals and the Israeli record for the 400 m, which she had for 15 years.
Her books and illustrations received international awards. Today she flies with the strength of her creativity, curiosity, and imagination.

Elena Datrino (official photographer)

She lives between the Canavese (near Torino) and Milan, city in which she opened her own photography studio in 2011. She specializes in portrait, social reportage, product and interior design, and reproduction of art.
She judges prestigious international awards and she teaches the class "Photography Direction - Portrait" At the European Institute of Design in Milan.

CAMILLE MASON (head of sales)

From San Francisco, for the last 15 years she has worked in design, production, and sales between Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Now she lives in Milan.

Katià Bazzocchi (brand strategist)

Born and raised in France, she studied management and communication in Paris.
She has created and managed for 10 years a concept store and multi-functional place for events, exhibitions, culture, and entertainment. Since 2016 she has been a consultant of strategies of transformation and innovation of products and businesses.

Valeria Zanoni (press)

Milanese, she has been working for decades in communication: fashion and tourism, design and culture.
She has created the fashion startup Kechic and manages the exhibition and event location Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia, a fascinating example of industrial archaeology in the heart of the Isola neighborhood.

Franca Bruno (logo designer)

She graduated at the Fine Arts Academy in Napoli in the '60s and taught art history in Italian high schools. She has always been a creative.
Franca is Marta Mondelli's mother and it was a natural choice when it came to decide who would create the brand's logo.