Soy candle poured by hand
with Fragrant Fir and Fresh Resin

white mint, lemon

green resin, thyme

cedar wood, fir needle


The dark afternoon has the scent of fir needles and resin, among notes of eucalyptus and pine cone. It invites us to take deep breaths in between words suspended in white clouds. The brisk air reddens our cheeks while the newly fallen snow creaks under our steps. We pause. Everything is silent, illuminated by bright stars.


Candela di soia naturale e stoppino in cotone colata a mano in bicchiere di vetro da 220 gr. con finitura bianca per la collezione Classica e nera per la collezione Noir.
Tempo di combustione: 45-50 ore.
Misure bicchiere: H 9,3 cm - Ø 7,8 cm.
Scatola cilindrica: H 11,7 cm - Ø 8,7 cm.

Made in Italy