Soy candle poured by hand with Vanilla Bubble Bath and Berries

lemon flowers

iris, white rose

white musk


Vanilla and berries create a feminine and sumptuous fragrance that evokes a bubble bath prepared right after dinner, with a spoon of panna cotta still in your mouth. While you slip in the bathtub, under the tiny, white bubbles, the room fills with steam and thoughts evaporate in a warm cloud.


Candela di soia naturale e stoppino in cotone colata a mano in bicchiere di vetro da 220 gr. con finitura bianca per la collezione Classica e nera per la collezione Noir.
Tempo di combustione: 45-50 ore.
Misure bicchiere: H 9,3 cm - Ø 7,8 cm.
Scatola cilindrica: H 11,7 cm - Ø 8,7 cm.

Made in Italy