Soy candle poured by hand
with Mulled Wine and Burning Fireplace

cloves, cinnamon, bergamot

incense, elemi, patchouli

cedar wood, amber, oak moss


After a long voyage, finally he opens the door. He is far away from home, but this place feels so familiar. In the warmth of a lit fireplace between the mingling of happy voices, the scent of cloves and cinnamon announce steaming glasses of mulled wine. The traveler feels already homesick for this place that has welcomed him, as if in a warm embrace.


Candela di soia naturale e stoppino in cotone colata a mano in bicchiere di vetro da 220 gr. con finitura bianca per la collezione Classica e nera per la collezione Noir.
Tempo di combustione: 45-50 ore.
Misure bicchiere: H 9,3 cm - Ø 7,8 cm.
Scatola cilindrica: H 11,7 cm - Ø 8,7 cm.

Made in Italy