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Soy candle poured by hand scented with:
Incense, Dust, and Stone

incense, artemisia

opoponax, ylang ylang, saffron

cedar wood, patchouli, amber


This complex and mysterious scent tells the secret of incense and the cold touch of stone and dust when we finally reach an unknown destination. The voyage brings us far away and within ourselves, opening doors on dark worlds of spices, amber, and wood and reminds us who we are, speaking a language unknown but familiar.


Natural soy candle with cotton wick poured by hand in a glass jar (220 gr - 7.7oz) with a white finish for the Classica collection and black for the Noir collection.
Burning time: 45-50 hours.
The glass measures bicchiere: H 9,3 cm (3.6 inches) - Ø 7,8 cm. (3 inches)
Cylinder box: H 11,7 cm (4.6 inches) - Ø 8,7 cm (3.4 inches).

Made in Italy