Soy candle poured by hand
with Blossoming Garden and Dew

jasmine, cardamom, violet

lemon, mimosa flower

cedar wood, musk, vanilla 


The sun wakes up lilacs and violets, roses, and acacias that had fallen asleep in the winter. Musk and wood are covered in dew with sweet amber and cardamom notes. It is so pleasant to sit in the shade of the blooming flowers of a secret garden, among chirping birds, while we feel that everything is opening up to life with the renewed promise of spring.


Natural soy candle with cotton wick poured by hand in a 220 gr (7.7 oz) glass with a white glossy finish for the Classica collection and a black matte finish for the Noir collection. 

Burning time: 45-50 hours.

The glass: H 9,3 cm (3.6 inches)  Ø7,8 cm (3 inches).

The Classica candle is shipped inside a cylindrical container with a metal lid: H 11,7 cm (4.6 inches) - Ø 8,7 cm (3.1 inches): the ideal gift package with information on the brand and the scent chosen, including the olfactory pyramid.
The candle of the Noir colleciton is shipped inside a black box: H 10 cm (3.9 inches) - Ø 8,5 cm (3.3 inches).

Made in Italy